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Often used, and generally misunderstood, Modular, Prefab, Off-site, Manufactured Buildings, Unitised Building and DfMA are all terms used to describe non-traditional construction methodologies.


The reality however is that construction is a spectrum and there is no one single answer to a problem.


At MDLR, we make it our business to understand all possibilities so that we can overcome constraints or realise an outcome that would otherwise not be possible with outdated thinking.



Design and collaboration are key pillars of how we operate. At MDLR we invest more time in the development phase of all our projects with our key delivery partners to integrate their knowledge and create a virtual model of the proposed built outcome. This enables greater certainty for all project stakeholders and mitigates risk during the delivery phase. 
The controlled manufacturing environment results in a higher quality build outcome as we are not at the mercy of constructing in the weather. 


Time savings

Modular construction can reduce on-site construction time significantly. By undertaking off-site manufacturing of buildings in parallel with on-site works, a condensed program can be achieved. This provides significant flow on benefits to the client and community members.

Minimises impact on operational environments

When compared to traditional construction methods, modular construction generally results in far less time on site. Therefore, reduced periods of construction noise, reduce site traffic, reduced impact on exisiting operations.

Improved health, safety and productivity

When we transition to the construction phase, by manufacturing or fabricating within our environmentally controlled facility, MDLR are able to provide a workspace for our people that provides enhanced safety and workflows, facilitating a higher level of accuracy and finish to all of our buildings.  

Improved sustainability

Due to the high level of planning required for modular construction, there is generally far less building waste created in comparison to traditional construction. Design and procurement processes create refined material utilisation. 

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